Our Story

"We're all about connecting everyday people to extraordinary ingredients from artisan producers across Italy to bring Italian food to your kitchen."

​It all began with a trip to Tuscany and my discovery of true Italian cooking. Lounging in the morning sun, sipping smooth local espresso and nibbling crunchy cantucci in the piazzas of Lucca and Siena. Exploring all types of silky smooth pasta encased within vibrant sauces, served in the downstairs restaurants of Florence and Bologna. Learning how to make authentic pizza dough under the stars on a traditional olive oil farm near San Gimingnano, the smoke of the hundred-year old oven forever in my memory.

​My travels took me on a journey of all my senses and sparked my passion for bringing true Italian ingredients home to my own kitchen, inspiring me to experiment with new recipes and even design some of my own. ​When I moved to the Isle of Man to marry my husband Ross, I realised that there were many ingredients I could not get and so I began to import them. Very soon I was making up gift hampers and before I knew it, I was selling a wide range of products on a market stall!

Very soon the market stall evolved. Demand grew and within four months, we found premises just off Market Square in Castletown. It was such an exciting - and terrifying! - time. We decided that we would include meats and cheese, import gelato from Venice and serving our own house brand of coffee. We launched with a party and opened our doors on Castletown Carnival Day on the 4th August 2018.

Our first Christmas was extraordinary and we created almost 100 personalised gift hampers, selling out of all our products with two weeks before the big day! Dressing up the shop with decorations has to be one of my favourite memories in the shop.

By our first summer, we had employed five staff members and we were exceptionally busy serving gelato in the hot months. For our first birthday in August, we celebrated with an enormous birthday cake that we gave away free to all of our customers.

In September, we launched a whole new line of Italian pastries and chocolate slab cake and the shop never felt more amazing. We had over 300 product lines at one point, with another fantastic Christmas of building personalised gift hampers - our signature service.

Sadly, when Covid-19 hit Italy in February 2020, we began to see a shortage of many lines of stock. Once we realised that we were going to be affected globally, and that the TT and other events would have to be cancelled, we had no choice but to move our business online and close our doors indefinitely. We had to say a sad farewell to our staff and create a new way of operating, which is where we are today.

We have now re-branded Italian Kitchen and focusing on the delivery aspect of our artisan products. We have so many ideas and plans for the future - and we hope that you will join us for the rest of our adventure!

Laura King,

Joint Owner of Italian Kitchen