Our Story

"We're all about connecting everyday people to extraordinary ingredients from artisan producers across Italy to bring Italian food to your kitchen."

​It all began with a trip to Tuscany and my discovery of true Italian cooking. Lounging in the morning sun, sipping smooth local espresso and nibbling crunchy cantucci in the piazzas of Lucca and Siena. Exploring all types of silky smooth pasta encased within vibrant sauces, served in the downstairs restaurants of Florence and Bologna. Learning how to make authentic pizza dough under the stars on a traditional olive oil farm near San Gimingnano, the smoke of the hundred-year old oven forever in my memory.

​My travels took me on a journey of all my senses and sparked my passion for bringing true Italian ingredients home to my own kitchen, inspiring me to experiment with new recipes and even design some of my own. Now, I'm excited to share my love of these ingredients and their artisan producers, and I hope that they inspire you in your own "Italian Kitchen".

Browse our online catalogue of over a hundred genuine Italian products and explore the true taste of Italy in your own home, with your own family.​

Laura King, Owner