00 Tipo Pizza Flour (1kg)

Pizzas made with Dallagiovanna flours are fragrant, flavoursome and crisp. These flours are also perfect for modern methods and techniques, such as cold fermentation.

Molino Dallagiovanna was founded in 1832, with the purchase of a stone mill, and it continued to develop over the next two centuries thanks to constant modernization, while maintaining its intrinsic respect for traditional milling techniques. After the installation of a cylinder mill in 1949, a second was added in 1960 and then a third in 1975, and finally in 2001 the ultra-modern Bühler was installed. This story continues to the present, over almost two hundred years of profound changes, reflected in a steady increase in production, always adhering to the ethic of slow milling to respect the organoleptic qualities of the grains.