Conchiglioni (500g)

Conchiglioni are big pasta shells that are fantastic for stuffing with fish, meat or cheese and drizzling over a heavy pasta or cream sauce. Our favourite is to stuff them with tuna or cooked beef mince mixed with some of our tomato passata, before popping into a bowl, scattering with mozzarella pearls and basil, then grilling until the cheese is bubbling. 

In Italy, pasta is considered to be perfectly cooked when it is "al dente" or in other words, "to the bite". This means the pasta isn't sloppy and it picks up the sauce evenly, so that you can enjoy the richness of the flavour as well as the silkiness of the pasta. 

Rummo pasta is the only certified pasta to guarantee that it will hold its shape and texture when cooked for the right amount of time. It takes away the guesswork from your cooking, so even if you go over the suggested cooking time, the pasta will always be perfectly cooked. Even if you cook it at lunch time and re-heat it at dinner, the pasta will remain just as good as when you first cooked it. This is thanks to the "Lenta Lavorazione method" and the craftmanship of these expert producers. 

Durum wheat semolina. Contains allergens: gluten (wheat)