ROI Mosto Olive Oil (250ml)

A natural olive oil from the Biancolilla, Taggiasca and Ogliarola olive varieties! The scent of the "Mosto Roi" oil reminds one of ripe olives and dried leaves. The initial sweet note echos through the flavor. An olive oil for everyday use!

The Boeri family have produced olives for four generations since the year 1900. The groves sit in the beautiful Valley Argentina, in the mountains behind Sanremo in Liguria, where only olives of the Taggiasca variety are cultivated. Surrounded by Mediterranean woodland and chestnut trees, the cultivation process of the olives dates back to Roman times and their exquisite taste is influenced by the sea and wild herbs of the local area. The family's groves have been a member of the biological registry since 2002 due to their care and consideration of the environment during the cultivation process.

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil