Crodino (100ml)

Crodino in Italy is "the" non-alcoholic aperitif; the most consumed and the most famous. The secret of its success is its unique and appetizing taste, obtained from an extract still produced according to a traditional artisan recipe.

Crodino takes its name from Crodo, a small town located in the North West of Italy, where It has been produced and bottled since 1964, the year of birth of the “Blond” Aperitif.  Since 1995 Crodino has been part of the Campari Group. In 1860, liquorist Gaspare Campari invented a striking red aperitif - a secret recipe that still keeps the name of its creator alive today. Throughout the 19th century, the brand was strengthened by artists such as Hohenstein, Dudovich, Depero and Cappiello; the great Italian director Federico Fellini would shoot his very first short film commercial for the company and, in 1990, Campari became a global success with inspiration from the 1990 FIFA World Cup that held in Italy. Producing mainly alcoholic beverages, Campari today is a perfect blend of iconic brands with Crodino fast becoming one of the hottest trends in the UK food industry.

Ingredients: water, sugar, infusion of aromatic herbs and flavours (including quinine), carbon dioxide, acidifier citric acid, sodium chloride, colourings, E150b and E110.