Amaretti Gift Bag (200g)

Soft Amaretti are soft and chewy almond biscuits and a traditional speciality of Piemonte. They have been made in Mombaruzzo since the 18th century and even then they were considered to be the perfect ending to a meal and given as gifts to friends and family nearby.

These amaretti are hand-made by Franco Vicenzi, an award-winning artisan producer from Piemonte whose recipe is a closely guarded secret.

Only the finest quality almonds and apricot kernels are used to give these soft amaretti their distinctive flavour and they are individually wrapped to maintain their freshness.

Sugar, apricot kernels (32%), EGG white, ALMONDS (4%), glucose syrup. Preservative: Potassium Sorbate. Contains Sulphites. May contain traces of peanuts and shelled fruits.